‘Toe-tapping’ sting nets 10 arrests in Temecula

TEMECULA — According to a report on Thursday, Dec. 12 by Sergeant Robert Menchaca, the Temecula Sheriff's Special Teams recently arrested 10 people in an operation aimed people who engage in what's described as "toe-tapping" in restrooms in the city."These public restrooms/toilets have generated several complaints from the public, where males have been observed loitering to engage in a sexual act," Sgt. Menchaca said. "The term for this type of sexual encounter is known as 'Toe-Tap' or 'Toe-Tapping,' where a male will try to initiate contact with another male by moving his foot beyond the stall divide and tap his foot to engage in a sexual encounter."Over the course of eight days, Temecula Special Teams undercover deputies entered public restrooms to conduct undercover investigat
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