How to simplify holiday hosting on the day of the party

Preparing menu items in the days leading up to the party can make the day of the festivities that much easier for holiday hosts. Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – Come the holiday season, many people look forward to gatherings with family and friends. Such gatherings are often held in private homes, and that means someone must take on the task of hosting. There are many advantages to hosting holiday gatherings. Hosts won’t have to travel during a notoriously busy time of year to take to the roads and sky. Hosts also won’t have to book hotel rooms or arrange for other accommodations, saving them money and time during a season that tends to be expensive and packed with social engagements.As the day of their holiday parties draws near, hosts can take several steps to make the day of the party easier, allowing them to spend more time with their family and friends.Choose the right menu. The right menu can go a long way toward ma
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