Wunderlich’s selection as mayor neither the first, nor the worst, example of contention on the Murrieta City Council

When Gene Wunderlich, who was appointed to the Murrieta City Council to fill former councilman Randon Lane’s vacant seat just three months ago, was selected to be the city’s mayor in a 3-2 vote, it came as an apparent surprise to Jonathan Ingram and Kelly Seyarto, the two council members who voted against his appointment. At the Dec. 17 council meeting where Councilmember Christi White made the motion to give the mayor position to Wunderlich, former Mayor Kelly Seyarto commented that he “kind of had a different idea,” though he made no other motions. When White, Wunderlich and Scott Vinton voted to make Wunderlich mayor – in a move that also made Vinton the mayor pro tem – Seyarto offered his congratulations to Wunderlich despite his “no” vote.  “Your service t
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  1. In any California city with a council/manager form of government, the largely figurehead position of mayor is really not all that much of a matter to fret over. Murrieta’s past council members’ legal problems have primarily involved petty abuses of power, in which the essentially empty title of “mayor” somehow led to puffed up egos that eventually tripped over their own foolish feet. TV cameras and pundits focus on the foibles of such egos… and as the Bard said, “…man, proud man, Dress’d in a little brief authority… like an angry ape
    Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven as makes the angels weep.” So, come on now Murrieta! Get the act together… OK? Forget the mayor controversy muck, and do something like increasing the sales tax income levels of your town. Don’t just concentrate on the city hall surroundings playground, please. Make the Triangle happen! Yes, that IS really your responsibility, even if it is privately owned. Does anyone in their right mind think that piece of golden dirt would still be vacant if it were within Temecula’s city limits???

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