Rotarians bring a little warmth along with Christmas Day meals for seniors

Rotarians Fred and Debbie Herrera stand with fellow Rotarians Phaedra Kunze and Vickie Walker to show some of the blankets to be delivered along with Christmas Day meals to senior citizens in the community. Courtesy photos/Debbie Herrera photo
All four Temecula Rotary Clubs held the 25th annual Community Christmas Dinner at the Mary Phillips Senior Center in Old Town Temecula on Christmas Day – and while folks were feasting, another group was delivering blankets to seniors to keep them warm while they dine at home on hand-delivered meals.“We started doing the delivery to the senior citizens who, you know, can’t leave their place or don’t leave their place and have nowhere to go on Christmas,’ volunteer Rotarian Debbie Herrera said.“A few years back, we were delivering to this one senior citizen lady, and she asked, ‘Can you please come in and put it on the counter?’” she said. “It was freezing in there. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, can
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