1,788 new homes, parks, school proposed in 7 years

San Jacinto Police motorcyle Officer Cox displays this new fully equipped BMW motorcycle that will be patrolling the city streets. The motor was brought into the San Jacinto City Council chambers for the council and visitors to get a firsthand look at it Tuesday, Jan. 7. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
San Jacinto City Council extends development agreements on two residential home projects The San Jacinto City Council in its first reading extended the development agreement times for two land developers to submit their specific plans and other information before building hundreds of new homes on four land tracts in the city in the next 7 years.The two developers, Henghour Investment Holding Inc. and Curci San Jacinto Investors LLC. in different actions, asked the council at the Jan. 7 city council meeting, to amend their earlier development agreements to give them seven more years to sell and plan the projects with builders in keeping with the city’s general plan. The projects were exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines, because the project was previously a
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