Gershon Bachus embraces kosher-style winemaking, autonomy

Gershon Bachus Vintners features an impressive lineup of aged red wines at the winery that are made in the kosher-style. Valley News/Jeff Pack photo
Since 2014, Gershon Bachus Vintners has been making its wines in a kosher-style, paying homage to the namesake the winery on the De Portola Trail in Temecula Wine Country. Gershon Bachus is the grandfather of Kenny Falik, who owns the winery with his wife, Christina Falik. “We felt that we should honor the heritage of the man as well as the wine,” Falik said. “So, we thought that this would be a nice way to bring in some of our history, our ancestry and our culture to our business. The business is benign; it doesn't matter whether you’re Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or otherwise. It just means your passion, your integrity of making fine wine is what really makes the wine sell. Not whether or not it’s kosher or non-kosher, but for the small population that wants that, we wanted
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