Hemet and San Jacinto Valley women stage Women’s March celebrating women’s right to vote

Women’s March and Rally
Women and those attending the Saturday, Jan. 18, Women’s March and Rally have the opportunity to register to vote at the special event in Hemet’s Gibbel Park. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
A large contingent of Hemet San Jacinto Valley women, many dressed in white and bearing signs, rallied Saturday morning, Jan. 18, joining thousands of others across the nation to celebrate women’s right to vote, a right won by suffragettes in 1920. The ladies, young and old, children and some men gathered at Hemet’s Gibbel Park for several hours of marching and calling attention to their power at the polls up and down Kirby Street to Florida Avenue. Marchers waved dozens of signs with slogans and photos, saying things such as “Women to Vote 2020,” “Women, You Can Change U.S.A. VOTE,” and the “Patriarchy won’t smash itself!” Other signs reflected some current political stands by women like “Stop Sexual Violence,” “Our House 2020” and “Keep Your Policies off
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