San Jacinto mother turns baking into a full-time gig

Michelle Romero preps for Valentine’s Day with one of her biggest sellers, a chocolate heel with strawberries. Valley News/Courtesy photo
San Jacinto mother Michelle Romero said she started making cakes and sweets for her husband and children before jumping into baking as a business.“I was originally from San Diego and we moved up to the Inland Empire, and I basically had to be a stay-at-home mom,” Romero said. “We had no friends or family up here and so most of our gatherings was myself, my husband and the kids, so I started making my kids’ cakes here and there, and then it just took off from there.”Romero is self-taught, with some help from YouTube.“I originally started with box mix – cupcakes, cakes, and eventually I started making them a little bit better looking,” she said.Romero said she prefers to make cakes, but
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