‘Incarcerate the religious husband, sleep with his wife’ China policy

Harold Pease Ph.D.
Harold Pease, Ph.D.
The U.S. just signed phase one of a trade deal with China but perhaps the country should not have. China is an enemy to freedom and religion.In China, religion is a competing ideology which the government does not tolerate because they see it as a threat to their socialism. I shared in a recent column what their solution has been for the Falun Gong and house Christians, who are those worshiping in their own homes without required government permission and supervision. Strong documentation show these as being held in detention and killed on demand for body parts primarily for Chinas elite and the Western world. The world has noticed that in Australia it may take up to seven years to get a kidney and in China two weeks. It has to be the vilest human rights practice on earth.What they
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