Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Cuba demoted to ‘Not Real Socialism’

Art CardenSpecial to Valley NewsIf the Socialist Party of Great Britain is an authority on such things, it is official: in light of recent...
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Will it be socialism or freedom?

I believe the election this November will be really close and the result will define our nation for generations. The choice is really between...
Harold Pease Ph.D.

‘Incarcerate the religious husband, sleep with his wife’ China policy

The U.S. just signed phase one of a trade deal with China but perhaps the country should not have. China is an enemy to...

Is it climate socialism – or eco-fascism?

Green New Deal climate alarm socialism is really intolerant, totalitarian eco-fascism Green New Dealers have convinced themselves that the planet faces an imminent, existential, man-made...

Scandinavian countries are not socialist?

Under the traditional definition of socialism that requires government ownership and distribution of the means of production, the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway and...

Death by socialism

While many on the left are presently tripping over themselves to advance socialism in the United States, it might be well to remember that...