Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Protocol for Vaccine-Injured Focuses on Spike Protein and Helping Patients Recover: Dr. Pierre Kory

Harry Lee and Jan Jekielek The Epoch TimesPeople injured by COVID-19 vaccines have been largely ignored by hospitals, federal health agencies, and the mainstream media.According...

San Bernardino County approves measure of possible secession for 2022 midterms

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted to add a November 2022 ballot measure that would allow the county to secede from California.The measure, which was...

World Economic Forum publishes article calling for global censorship using AI and human intelligence

An opinion article published on the World Economic Forum website has proposed creating an artificial intelligence program that could end up acting as a...

Supercharged IRS will collect $20 billion more from Americans making less than $400,000 under...

Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee say they have received information from the non-partisan scorekeeper at the Congressional Budget Office challenging the...

Judge unseals Mar-a-Lago raid warrant, reveals why FBI is investigating Trump

The seven-page warrant that authorized the FBI to search former President Donald Trump’s property earlier this week was unsealed Friday, Aug. 12, and it shows that Trump is...

White House admits inflation ‘unacceptably high’

Katabella RobertsThe Epoch TimesWhite House economic adviser Jared Bernstein has admitted that inflation in the United States is “unacceptably high” but said he does not see the...

Hospital faces staff shortages due to COVID-19 infections, despite vaccine mandate

Emily MillerThe Epoch TimesThe first hospital in America to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine for all employees is now facing a staffing shortage from infections.Houston’s Methodist Hospital...

DOJ shielding records on Hunter Biden, Durham Probes, lawsuit alleges

Zachary StieberThe Epoch TimesThe U.S. Department of Justice is withholding records related to high-profile investigations, including the probe into President Joe Biden’s son, according to a...

Supreme Court refuses to hear truckers’ challenge to AB5, California’s anti-freelancing law

Matthew VadumThe Epoch TimesThe Supreme Court turned away a challenge to California’s “radical” worker-classification law that virtually outlaws independent contracting, including independent trucking, and clamps...

Supreme Court narrows EPA’s ability to regulate carbon dioxide emissions

Matthew VadumThe Epoch TimesThe Supreme Court ruled 6–3 June 30 that the Clean Air Act doesn’t give the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency widespread power to regulate...