Murrieta artist releases new album

Regina Pimentel
Regina Pimentel poses for a photo while filming the music video, “The Way You Look at Me.” Valley News/Courtesy photos
Regina Pimentel, 19, recently released a new album on love. “I started singing when I was really little,” Pimentel said. “I took music a lot more seriously around middle school, and I started writing songs when I was 13.” Pimentel first had to learn a few instruments to really understand song writing. She plays piano, guitar and ukulele. “I only really write about love, and I write about it a lot,” she said. “Sometimes I write about things that I feel, like when I’m sad or just emotions that are hard to deal with, so sometimes a lot of my music can be pretty sad, but I feel it can help other people relate.” One of the songs on her EP, “For You,” sings of the hardships of being away from someone you love. “Oh, I know it’s not easy, but it’s easy lo
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