Veteran Showcase: Don Salazar stays busy

Don Salazar
Veteran Don Salazar is a doting father to his young daughter Sophia. Anza Valley Outlook/Joanne Salazar photo
Marine Corps veteran Don Salazar is well known in Anza for his volunteer work with the Hamilton K-8 School parent, teacher and student association and his support of local Little League and soccer teams. He and his wife Joanne also have a small sign-making business, donating unique products to community raffles and school events.Salazar was born and raised in Cortez, Colorado, and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado, as a high school junior. He attempted to join the Air Force at age 21.“They turned me down because of a ticket for fighting in public,” he said. “The Marine Corps recruiter asked me as I walked past his office why I was turned down and I told him. He said, ‘Well hell, we give medals for that!’ I signed papers the next day. It was the best thing ever to happen t
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