Welcome a 4-legged family member with care

boy and dog
For first-time pet owners, a healthy adult dog or cat can help teach new pet parents the joys of having a pet and may not require as much attention as a puppy or kitten. Valley News/Getty Images photo
Bringing home a new pet can be exciting and heartwarming. Before getting caught up in the excitement of adopting a pet, however, it’s important to do a bit of homework and have conversations to ensure the pet chosen will have a lifelong fit for the family.When considering adopting, keep in mind that pets can provide as many benefits to their family as the family does for them, such as helping to reduce stress, providing companionship, getting the daily recommended amount of physical activity and more. While taking the options into account, remember these guidelines from the experts at PetSmart Charities to prepare for a successful homecoming for the newest family member.Life stagesIf a pet owner prefers a lower energy pet, seek a senior, age 7 or above, who may move a little
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