Chargers unveil updated lightning bolt and logotype

JOE REEDY AP Sports Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Chargers have updated their logo and unveiled new logotype ahead of their move into their new home. The franchise is keeping the lightning bolt as its primary logo, but it has become sleeker and streamlined. There is not as much of a curve to the bolt, while navy blue has been removed as one of the colors. Powder blue and sunshine gold remain as the predominant colors. The Chargers have also added a bolt to the "A" in their nickname in the logotype. The font is more italicized and has been made bolder. "With words becoming increasingly interchangeable with emojis and acronyms, the team decided to build a bolt emoji into its new logotype," the team said in a release. "While it's not easy to reflect a vibe in logos and uni
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