Learn from Congregation B’nai Chaim: Parashat Vayikra

Roger Cohen
Roger Cohen
The parasha this week is about many things, but I’d like to focus on ethics and giving.In this life, many people try to be moral, upright and charitable people by helping others around us the best that we can. I meet lovely people every day who follow the Bible’s principles of doing justice and mercy toward others.However, now and then, I meet a person who seems to act selfishly and only thinks of themselves. Maybe you, too, have met such a person. A dishonest person who lies can sure ruin a person’s day.I remember when I was in military training under much pressure to do better. The purpose of the training was to illuminate people’s flaws and equip them to change how they respond under pressure. Following the Bible’s precepts is like military training: you learn to p
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