Meet Mueller, HHH’s adoptable animal of the week

Mueller gets a free run of the horse areas at the Heavenly Horse Haven Equine Rescue ranch. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
The rotund little burro gelding named Mueller was discovered at a feed lot on his way to a questionable future. The kind-hearted animal was purchased and landed at the Heavenly Horse Haven equine rescue in Anza.“He is a good boy and would make a nice companion,” rescue owner Gina Perrin said.Mueller is curious, laid back, wise and steady as are most of his breed. Donkeys are famous for their surefootedness, intelligence and protective natures. Many Anza residents employ burros to guard herds of sheep and goats as the spunky equines have little tolerance for predators.Mueller is the ranch supervisor, overseeing all activities. He is somewhat round, with pivoting donkey ears and a glancing, kind eye. He is gentle and comfortable with people and horses.This wonderful anima
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