Mountain Sky Travel Center sanitizes for patrons

Larry disinfects gas pumps after every use at the Mountain Sky Travel Center in Anza. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
The Mountain Sky Travel Center has gone above and beyond the prescribed methods set forth by the county health department in order to keep their patrons and staff safe from the spread of the coronavirus.All possible measures are being taken to safeguard the health of visitors and team members. Workers continually disinfect gas pump handles and card receptacle surfaces, open doors for incoming and outgoing customers and offer smiles to haggard shoppers.Six sanitizer stations are available outside and inside the store. The casino is closed, but the gas station and convenience store remain open.“I would rather come here for gas than anywhere else at this time,” a shopper said. “I feel safe coming in here. It’s clean and that means safe to me.”[caption id="attachment_
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