You don’t have to walk far to help your neighbor

Temecula resident Fran Hume creates website Share My Pantry to help spread awareness in helping others during the coronavirus pandemic. Valley News/Courtesy photo
While families may be thinking only about their own needs during the coronavirus pandemic, there are others who may live alone, who are elderly or can’t get themselves to the stores that need the most help.“I wish people would just knock on the door and share some biscuits or help with some dinner or something,” Temecula resident Fran Hume, creator of the website Share My Pantry, said.After losing her job in aviation due to the airlines being hit hard by the effects of the virus and lack of travel, Hume created the website in hopes that people would remember to help their neighbors, especially those most vulnerable.The website is only about a week old, Hume said.“I’m not trying to change the world or anything,” she said. “People just need to be more aware of o
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