“Absolutely crazy”: Grocery workers describe how coronavirus has changed their jobs

A Ralphs employee in Temecula gathers grocery carts and sanitizes them in a cart corral for shoppers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
Back in February, most grocery store employees probably did not imagine that they would join the ranks of police, firefighters and healthcare employees as “essential” workers in a historic national crisis.But things certainly have changed in a very short span of time.The pandemic crisis has quickly revealed the importance of grocery workers, as well as many other workers, that probably have never been widely viewed as critical to a functional society.And it’s certainly been a difficult last several weeks for them.As anyone who has visited a grocery store since the middle of March knows, it started with the toilet paper.“We had every check stand open, we had all the self-checkouts open and the lines were just crazy,” said Diane Hizon, an employee at the Temecul
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