The Riverside Sheriffs from the Hemet and San Jacinto stations arrived in force Wednesday afternoon when a man barricaded himself inside an apartment complex in Valle Vista threatening the officers with a knife after assaulting a girl he was dating.

Sheriff’s deputies are debriefed after an armed domestic violence suspect barricaded himself in a Valle Vista Apartment before surrendering April 22.

When the man refused to come out of the Hacienda Street apartment on deputies commands other officers arrived blocking off New Chicago Avenue and Lincoln Street while a negotiating team continued to try to coax him outside, according to Lt. Ken Reichie, San Jacinto Chief of Police called to the scene.

Reichie said the woman he was dating suffered non-life threatening injuries in the alleged assault and was escorted to a waiting ambulance behind the Stater Brothers shopping center.

sheriff and swat
Riverside County Sheriff’s SWAT team members walk to confront a barricaded domestic violence inside of the LIncoln Street Apartment complex at New Chicago Avenue and Hacienda Street in Valle Vista Wednesday, April 22.

Other sheriff’s deputies arrived including two K-9 units in the event they were needed. After negotiating deputies failed the draw the suspect outside after more than 30 minutes a SWAT team arrived in the event they had to breach the apartment. As the SWAT team approached the apartment the suspect dropped the knife and surrendered.

Reichie gave this report: “Deputies were responding to a domestic violence incident when they arrived the suspect in the incident decided to barricade himself inside the apartment complex and did not want to come out. So we set up a perimeter around the apartment complex and began negotiating with the suspect so he could surrender and after about an hour here he surrendered on his own without us having to use force.

“We responded our units from the Hemet station and San Jacinto area along with our sheriff’s SWAT team. The suspect was making threats so we responded with the SWAT team and if they don’t come out we have to use force.”

Sheriff’s Deputies establish a wide perimeter around the Lincoln Street Apartment Complex at Hacienda and New Chicago Avenues across from the Stater Bros. shopping center in Valle Vista April 22. where an armed domestic violence suspect refuses to leave his apartment.

He said, “the woman sustained some injuries from the assault but they don’t appear to be life threatening. It looks like they were in a dating relationship.”

After the suspect was taken into custody Reichie noted, “We are having alot of incidents related to people being at home. They are home together for long durations with financial issues and things like that.That leads to more arguments. The sheriff’s department hasn’t stopped doing what we do. We are full force and we are able to respond when we need too. We are here for the public.”

During the Wednesday incident more than 20 sheriff’s cars, a fire engine and several ambulances arrived in the event the incident became more violent.