Are coronavirus worries keeping you awake? Stretching in bed will calm you

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
LOS ANGELES – Anxiety about the coronavirus is leading to sleepless nights for some people – and that can result in even more health problems.Studies have shown that a lack of sleep weakens the immune system, the last thing anyone needs when a potentially deadly virus is making the rounds.The question many bleary-eyed people face is how they can remedy their insomnia without resorting to medication, anything else that they have to take orally or a significant lifestyle change. One answer: stretches done on the bed that relax the body and mind, allowing them to drift into slumber and be better prepared for the next day – and keep that immune system humming as well, Larry Piller, a certified massage practitioner and author of “Stretching Your Way: A Unique and Leisurely Mus
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