This is still a Democracy, right?

Bob Magee
Bob Magee, mayor pro tem of Lake Elsinore, sits in his car with his face fully covered after buying groceries. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Bob MageeSpecial to Valley NewsI’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist, but I am a public servant and a student of public policy and political science. As an elected official, I am responsible to my constituency. If they call, I answer; if they write, I respond and if they knock on my door – because I don’t live behind a wall or a gate – I open it. But during this current public health crisis, I have been stripped of my ability to respond, remove or replace public health driven restrictions placed upon the lives of the people I serve. And while Congress and our state Legislature both adjourned, your local governments: the Riverside County board of supervisors, city councils, etc. continued to do business, hold socially distant meetings and respond to taxpayers, except wh
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