How to commemorate Mother’s Day when a mother has died

lady with old photo
Looking at family photos and sharing fond memories of one’s mother can help focus Mother’s Day on positive feelings. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – Losing a loved one is never easy. Whether the loss is recent or not, many people find the void created by a loved one’s death never leaves them. Celebrating holidays or milestones can magnify feelings of loss, and such feelings may surface on Mother’s Day among people whose mothers are deceased.People approach Mother’s Day in unique ways when their mother has been laid to rest. Such an experience is extremely personal, and there’s really no right or wrong way to mark the occasion. It can be challenging scrolling through social media posts about happy brunches and thoughtful gifts. Some, particularly those for whom the wounds may be especially fresh, may opt to avoid the celebration or go through the motions for the benefit of children or spouses. Others may embrace
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