Maintain sun protection and skin cancer awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic

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While spending most of their time indoors, it’s instinctive for people to gravitate toward natural light sources, like windows and skylights; however, it’s important to exercise caution as sunlight streaming through glass can still harm skin. Valley News/Courtesy photo
NEW YORK CITY – The spread of the coronavirus has sparked concern worldwide and prompted many leaders to take decisive action to contain the virus. Several states have mandated citizens to stay home from work, socially distance and remain indoors, meaning people have found their time outside has been drastically reduced. Although they may not be exposed to direct sunlight as often, The Skin Cancer Foundation advised everyone to remain vigilant in regard to protecting their skin and checking their body for suspicious lesions.While spending most of the time indoors, it’s instinctive to gravitate toward places at home that receive natural light, like windows and skylights. It’s important to exercise caution while enjoying this little slice of the outdoor world, however – sunlight
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