Riverside County wants young adults to get tested for COVID-19

Riverside County’s public health department is requesting that young adults and minors ages 25 and younger get tested at one of the county or state’s COVID-19 testing facilities. To date, just more than 6% of everyone in that age group has been tested. Valley News/Shane Gibson file photo
Citing a belief that young adults in Riverside County are underrepresented in testing data, the Riverside County University Health System is asking residents ages 25 and younger to be screened.There is no cost to the person being tested at either the county or state-operated facilities.“We would like to get a more complete picture of the illness as it has spread among young people,” Kim Saruwatari, director of public health for Riverside County, said. “This will help us better understand who in the community has the disease and how it might be moving among children and families.”The county reported that residents 18 and younger represent nearly 25% of the county’s population, but so far, only 6.6% of the testing appointments were for a person in that age bracket.
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