Heavenly Horse Haven horse finds new home

The little gray Arab mare’s complete trust in her new owner is evident in her relaxed stance. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
The little gray Arabian mare was a favorite at the Heavenly Horse Haven equine rescue for some time. She landed there when she was released from a neglectful situation.“She came to the ranch by way of San Diego Animal Control,” rescue owner Gina Perrin said. “The mare was seized from a horrible hoarder case. We took her in, and I trained her.”Perrin named the horse Khloe, and as her life improved, she thrived.Enter volunteer Emily Ibanez. Drawn to the call for volunteers at the ranch, expert horsewoman, trainer and veteran show contestant, Ibanez assisted with many of the horses at the facility. She worked with Khloe and realized that she had found a very special animal.“Emily came out to volunteer and fell in love with Khloe,” Perrin said.Ibanez arranged to
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