What is the Nazarite vow?

Roger Cohen
Roger Cohen
Everyone should dedicate themselves to God and how we do that is different for each person. The Nazarite vow is important because a person chooses to dedicate themselves to God for a particular purpose and time. The Hebrew Bible presents prolific characters who are Nazarites. Sampson in Judges 13 was a Nazarite. Samuel in 1 Samuel 1:11 is the story of becoming a Nazarite when Hannah pleads with God, and she finally has a child who adheres to a Nazarite vow. The Christian Bible tells of Paul possibly taking the Nazarite vow in Acts 18:18, as well as four other members of the Jerusalem community who took a Nazarite vow. In fact, the place and purpose of people who chose to separate themselves for the dedication and service to God in the Second Temple were so important that the Second Temp
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