Most of us should fear death and probate, not death and taxes

By Paul A. Hanks Attorney and BrokerThe death of a loved one floods us with feelings of grief, loss and sadness. As those left behind grapple with this human loss, the absolute last thing that is needed is the dagger of probate.Probate is a trap for the unwary which quickly ensnares one’s estate upon death even where an uncontested will is involved, and plunges the estate into a painstakingly slow and costly probate process. While this process is foreign and confusing to a layperson, it is a boon to the pockets of lawyers. There is a misnomer that the government stands in the loot line as well, ready to pillage the decedent’s estate by way of what is commonly known as the death tax. In truth and fact, it’s not death and taxes most of us should be worrying about but deat
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