The inner mind can provide a shield of protection against COVID-19

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
Dr. Pamela Winkler President of St. John’s University  If people are told they may have to live with the coronavirus pandemic for months or even years until there is a successful vaccine, what can they do to be more proactive and better protect themselves?  According to Dr. Pamela Winkler, president of St. John’s University, educational psychologist and co-author of “Mind Medicine,” there is a lot people can do. “An important clue to being more proactive with COVID-19 may explain so many people infected with COVID-19 experienced only slight symptoms or no symptoms at all. Those individuals had a strong enough immune system that provided a natural kind of immunity.”  Winkler has worked successfully with thousands of private clients during the past 40 years to help t
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