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The impact of reading on personal health

TEMECULA – Books transport people to different times, provide a sense of escapism and introduce readers to different schools of thought. Individuals may read...

Coping with holiday stress and anxiety to ensure good mental health

TEMECULA – With Christmas and New Year approaching, the holidays are often seen as a time of peace, joy and family gatherings. Families, friends...

Boost mental wellness

TEMECULA – The most successful health care regimens incorporate a number of variables to help individuals achieve optimal health. Physical health garners considerable attention...

Manage your return-to-office stress with these 5 tips

Dr. Jacob AsherUnitedHealthcare of CaliforniaAs pandemic restrictions ease, many workers are heading back into the office after working remotely. That change might have them feeling a little stressed.It’s...

Quick ways to combat stress from remote work

TEMECULA – While the shift to remote or flexible work has generally been viewed as a positive, it also presents fresh obstacles. According to...
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How stress might be destroying your health and well-being

SARATOGA – Stress. Everyone experiences it, and maybe they are feeling it right at this very moment. Without surprise, it seems as if people’s...

Avoid bringing job stress home to the family

TEMECULA – The lines between work and home life can easily become blurred. Such lines became even more blurry during the pandemic, when many...

How to reach a healthy blood pressure

Family FeaturesSpecial to Valley NewsTo take care of your heart, it’s important to know and track your blood pressure. Millions of Americans have high...

How exercise can help you live longer

TEMECULA – There are many reasons to get in shape. Weight loss is a prime motivator, as is reversing a negative health effect, such...

Ergonomic tools can help older gardeners

TEMECULA – Gardening has been found to provide a host of benefits beyond ensuring access to fresh fruits, vegetables and seasonal blooms.The Centers for...