Coping with holiday stress and anxiety to ensure good mental health

Avoid isolating and instead try to spend time with family and friends as any type of socialization improves mental health. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – With Christmas and New Year approaching, the holidays are often seen as a time of peace, joy and family gatherings. Families, friends and loved ones create memories of happy moments, eating tasty food and treats, as well as spending time with friends and loved ones.But that idyllic image is often not a reality for many people struggling with stress and their own mental health during what’s supposed to be a time of joy.“Mental health challenges do not necessarily increase around the holidays, but everyone experiences this time of year differently,” Dr. Jonathan Kirsten, a psychiatrist with Kaiser Permanente Southern California, said. “This may be the first holiday season without a loved one who died during the COVID pandemic. It may be a time of struggle for tho
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