Can one judge nullify law with a stroke of a pen?

Harold Pease Ph.D.
Harold Pease, Ph.D.
The very thought of one unelected judge nullifying law with a stroke of a pen is unconscionable to most Americans but this practice has become common against the Trump administration, blocking the executive function of the government at least 37 times. Before him, it was 20 times against former President Barack Obama. When this action happens, it is called an injunction. Most are delayed for a time and overturned by a higher court. Consequently, President Donald Trump has had to ask for 20 emergency stays from the Supreme Court while these were resolved. No president has had to deal with such unconstitutional judicial overreach. It exceeds the combined number of all 42 presidents preceding him.There are 663 Article 3 District Court judgeships across the country. Unfortunately, as pract
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