Jeff Pack
Staff Writer

Riverside County Public Health officials reported Monday 1,720 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend bringing the total number of cases within the county to 35,187 since the county began recording data. 

Day by day, the county reported 781 new cases on Saturday, 322 on Sunday, and 617 on Monday.

The number of new deaths reported in the county over the weekend was 34 and the total number of people that have died from the virus since the county began sits at 671. On Saturday, 23 people died, nine more on Sunday and two on Monday. 

Perhaps partly due to the spike in deaths, there were 35 fewer people hospitalized with the virus since Friday, for a new total of 488 hospitalizations. The county reported 146 of those patients were in intensive care units, 13 fewer than before the weekend started.

Overall, 12,177 people have recovered from the virus, 472 more than the Friday before, the county has tested 356,174 residents for the virus, 10,305 more over the weekend.

The county reported that there were 285 confirmed cases in county jails and another 1,236 cases recorded in state prisons within the county. Both experience minimal case growth

Locally, Temecula added 28 cases (679), Murrieta added 33 (679), Wildomar added 17 (304), Lake Elsinore added 46 (713), Canyon Lake added five (51), Menifee added 55 (800), Hemet added 47 (902), and San Jacinto added 43 (644).

In local communities, Anza added no new cases (8), East Hemet added 13 (179), French Valley added 11 (185), Lakeland Village added four (117), Valley Vista added nine (101), and Winchester added two new cases (10).

Temecula added one more death and, to date, three people have died from the virus in the city. There have been 13 deaths from Murrieta, five from Wildomar, 13 from Lake Elsinore, none from Canyon Lake, 12 from Menifee, 33 from Hemet, nine from San Jacinto, none from Anza, two from East Hemet, one from French Valley, one from Lakeland Village, none from Valle Vista or Winchester. 

The latest deaths to be reported occurred as far back as July 12, according to RUHS spokesman Jose Arballo. The 23-year-old San Jacinto resident died sometime last week, he said, adding it was not immediately clear if the young man had any underlying health conditions.

The number of known active virus cases in Riverside County now stands at 22,339, up 1,214 from Friday. The active count is derived by subtracting deaths and recoveries from the current total — 35,187 — according to the county executive office.

County officials on Monday also announced that somewhere between 118,000 and 175,400 Riverside County residents may have been infected by the coronavirus at some point since the pandemic began, citing preliminary results of a recent randomized antibody test study.

“We continue to learn new information about coronavirus, and this survey adds important research to the growing knowledge of COVID-19,” said county Supervisor Manuel Perez. “We still must protect everybody out there who is susceptible to getting sick, and we should do so by wearing face coverings, physical distancing, washing our hands and avoiding gatherings.”

The study was conducted over two weekends this month and included 1,726 randomly selected people.

The doubling time — or the number of days in which documented virus cases increase 100% — is 25 days. A doubling rate of seven days is considered severe.

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