Look past the ‘bombshell’ headlines and click bait to see the real story

I watch a lot of Congressional and Senate Hearings as well as press conferences. That way I have more of an informed opinion without any bias. Having said that, I sat in horror as I watched the Congressional hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr on July 28. I have never seen such an orchestrated effort to shut someone down and bully them for 4 hours. It was truly sad and disgusting.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not unusual for congressional members to interrupt and be rude,  but never to this degree. It was clearly just a 4 hour PR stunt to create headlines, soundbites and click bait for the complicit news and social media. Never mind whether it’s true or not, it’s all about ratings and election campaign material. AG Barr came voluntarily and the Democrats grilled him on prot
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