Movie Review: ‘Force of Nature’

Bob Garver, Special to Valley NewsI could tell “Force of Nature” was a bomb based on the casting alone. The biggest name attached to this movie is Mel Gibson, whose prolific history of public meltdowns makes him an albatross to any project carrying his name. But he still has his fans from “Lethal Weapon” and “Braveheart,” and he even directed “Hacksaw Ridge” to a Best Picture Oscar nomination four years ago. So maybe there’s still “some” room in Hollywood for him. Then there’s Emile Hirsch, who in 2015 was charged and convicted of assaulting a female studio executive. The guy should not have a career anymore. I guess somebody connected to this movie thought Hirsch had enough clout leftover from “Speed Racer” and “Into the Wild” that his name could be a
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