Be aware: Prop money is circulating locally

This prop money, a $20 bill, and others like it is unknowingly being passed as real currency in Anza. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Prop money – fake bills used in the motion picture industry and readily available – has been used as currency in Anza in recent weeks.One local business reported the use of a $20 bill that was actually well-marked as prop money. The person attempting to pass the bill was unaware it was not a real bill and no police report was made.Additionally, a resident may have allegedly unknowingly accepted a couple of thousand dollars in prop money as payment for an item offered for sale.The make-believe money has Anza residents asking exactly what prop money is and how to spot it.The prop money, a $20 bill, is clearly marked “Motion Picture Purposes,” yet the marking is often missed by consumers. Anza Valley Outlo
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