Step into a virtual world

JDS Creative Academy, Special to Valley News

“Virtual” by definition is more literal than ever in today’s world. Between Zoom, virtual conferences, webinars, etc., people can be in front of thousands in just seconds. What seemed like the technology of tomorrow, quickly turned into a widespread platform that almost everyone in the world is now utilizing.

It is clear people are catching on, in fact, according to Bizzabo, an event platform, 93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events, moving beyond the pandemic restrictions. JDS Creative Academy is a part of this percentage and said, “challenge accepted” as the nonprofit has now fully embraced the virtual world, especially, the beast of large ticketed virtual events.

Most recently, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) successfully livestreamed their three-day DigiFest in an eight-hour virtual event called DigiDay. The event received worldwide attention and featured celebrity guests, entertainment, workshops and presentations.

The beauty of going virtual is the ability to stay top-of-mind, to be in front of consumers faster than ever and to achieve global accessibility. Contrary to what some might believe, being virtual has presented new opportunities and has allowed many companies to reinvent the wheel. The JDS Creative Academy training program with its SOI Crew is a testament to this reinvention.

The video-production day program is a vendor through Inland Regional Center and has been successfully running remotely since March’s “shelter-in-place” orders. The program trains and educates a special needs population and is thankfully still able to provide support, education and professional development with just a click of a button. Even though face-to-face interaction and hands-on training are a huge part of the program, the job-training participants are adapting to the virtual style which is allowing for the “show” to go on.

JDS Studios thanked its partnerships throughout the community. The hashtag #JDSFamily has a full schedule of virtual events this month that includes video preproduction, production, post-production and participation. JDS Creative Academy will be a featured nonprofit business during the annual Temecula State of City Address, Oct. 1. JDS Studios will be producing the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce’s annual Women in Business event Sept. 22, and recording TedX speeches for an upcoming virtual TedX event.

“Working as a producer for the majority of my career has taught me how to pivot. I am thankful the JDS Family has been able to share our knowledge and resources with our community, our students and our special needs population we serve here at JDSCA,” Diane Strand, JDSCA founder, said.

With event venues, conference centers and concert halls closed across the country, even famous performers and well-known companies are bringing their events to a virtual platform. If you are pondering the thought of going virtual, ask JDS Studios how they can help.