Fight COVID-19 fatigue

Andrew Zucker
Andrew Zucker, Attorney at Law, The Zucker Law Firm
Andrew Zucker, Zucker Law FirmCan you believe it’s September? It seems like just weeks ago March arrived, and people were forced to reevaluate their lives as changes unfolded nationwide. The phrase “the new normal” was coined and has continued to describe the summer and the start of the fall season. Combined with the constant influx of news, life feels overwhelming: wildfires, storms, political and social issues and a global pandemic. Maybe you feel like your personal troubles are insignificant compared to the wonkiness of life.There’s a new term that’s being floated that you may have heard: COVID-19 fatigue. It describes the feeling of constant exhaustion, stress and burnout. Despite many people being stuck at home, we’re tenser than ever, and it’s having a very rea
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