The bigger question: when and how can businesses begin to reopen?

Gov. Gavin Newsom brings forward a new tier system for California, which can be accessed by the public at Valley News/Courtesy photo
Effective as of Aug. 31, California now has colored tiers which depict which county is more apt to be widespread in transmitting COVID-19 among its population than others. Tier 1 (widespread; purple) defines the “widespread” areas of COVID-19 transmission and has impacted most of Southern California as of data released Aug. 29. San Diego County moved itself out of Tier 1 and into Tier 2 Aug. 31, with Orange County following suit, Sept. 8. Tier 2 (substantial; red) is somewhat better than Tier 1, but the tier is still high up on the ranking for easily transmitting COVID-19 to populations. With Tier 3 (moderate; orange), the counties have a considerably lower amount of plausibility for passing on COVID-19 as quickly as some of the higher risk areas. Tier 4 (minimal; yellow) i
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