The KEA Mill and Pioneer Park are still a long way off from initial plans, city official says

The abandoned KEA Mill in Murrieta still stands along New Clay Street in Murrieta. Constructed about one century ago, the mill served as a grain elevator for area farmers. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
The KEA Mill in Murrieta, which has been the talk of haunted ghost stories and has given many trespassers reason to be afraid of the site, was gifted to the city in 2013.While city officials said it has hopes of eventually restoring it, due to lack of funding and a delay in constructing Pioneer Park, it remains vacant and in decay.“The lot next door (to the mill) originally was planned to be Pioneer Park, which they had a pretty good vision for,” Kim Summers, city manager of Murrieta, said. “Unfortunately, that piece of property has a lot of challenges environmentally. There’s some drainage that runs through it and some other things, so we’ve kind of been constrained as to what we can put on the park.”A
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