DVMS teachers create excitement around science

Alberto Monge, right, and Gerardo Saldana challenge their seventh-grade science classes at Diamond Valley Middle School in Hemet to a science battle with questions, experiments and friendly competition. Valley News/Courtesy photo
HEMET – Two seventh-grade science teachers from Diamond Valley Middle School in Hemet created an academic battle between their two classes as they found new ways to teach online and engage their students in a digital setting.It all started when teacher Alberto Monge challenged the students in teacher Gerardo Saldana’s class to a science battle. Then Saldana accessed Monge’s Google classroom and challenged his students to prove that they could beat his class in an academic battle. The classes merged together virtually and began chatting.Monge asked students questions based on information students were learning in class. As soon as a student knew the answer, they would type it in. The first student to get the correct answer with correct spelling was awarded a point for their cl
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