Wild sunflowers grace the Anza Valley

Local wild sunflowers display bright blooms and vibrant green foliage. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
With golden yellow petals and vibrant green leaves swaying in the breeze, wild sunflowers continue their summer bloom in the Anza Valley. Related to domestic sunflowers, this indigenous species, Helianthus californicus, grows in various local habitats, providing bees, butterflies and moths a food source. Native sunflowers support these pollinators, as well as providing shelter and food for many insects and small animals. The widespread plants are known by the common name, the California sunflower. It is native to the state and Baja California, Mexico. The perennial thrives in many types of habitats, filling whole fields and meadows with flowers. Sunflowers grow from woody roots with small rhizomes, continuously growing horizontal underground stems that put out lateral shoots and r
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