Western Science Center Museum presents ‘Windows of the Past’

Anton Dooley, sitting, executive director of the Western Science Center in Hemet, and staff member Chenelle Thompson greet visitors coming to the paleontological museum’s first “Windows of the Past” outdoor exhibit. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
Western Science Center opened “Windows into the Past,” Saturday, Sept. 26, and it was hard to say whether the eager young visitors and their parents or the museum staff were more anxious to see and show what was new at the first outdoor event.The Western Science Center Museum, 2345 Searl Parkway in Hemet, which allows visitors and students to look into the world’s last great ice age that began 10,000 years ago, has been closed to the public since March when the coronavirus pandemic brought nationwide shutdowns.Andrew McDonald, Western Science Center museum curator and paleontologist, sits behind a window with some of the center’s latest ice age fossils found in a New Mexico dig including a Dynamoterror tyrannos
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