Candidates for Temecula City Council, TVUSD board speak at ‘Slave No More’ event

Two candidates in local Temecula elections spoke at a “Slave No More California” event Sunday, Oct. 11, at Temecula City Hall condemning public health restrictions.Sonia Perez, a candidate for Temecula City Council District 4 and primary organizer of the rally, said the message of the event was “that freedom isn’t free” and “our freedoms are being taken away, one by one.”“That’s why this was called Slave No More California,” Perez said. “We have mandates at public schools that are taking the parents’ rights away. We have a city that’s not allowing us to walk into a public facility that our tax dollars pay for. That’s a right that I have, that my tax dollars pay for this beautiful city council. And we have children that are going missing every day. The me
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