Why we still need church

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
Zachary Elliott Special to Valley News The famous Shakespearian line “to be or not to be” is loosely said by millions of people every single week. I just reworded it a little to say “to go or not to go.” I’m sure you’ve said it. Haven’t you? I know I have. If you’re not sure, let me clarify the context. Every single week you ask yourself this question, as a somewhat Shakespearian dilemma, by deciding if you’re going to go to church or not. “To go or not to go.” In the process, people often reason with themselves why they shouldn’t go. Justifying it by having other things to do, telling themselves they deserve a day off or they can watch online. Sometimes they’ll even tell themselves they don’t need to go. Gasp! Now let me be honest. The next fe
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