Thousands show up for Trump rally at Ronald Reagan Sports Park

Trump supporters get together for a photo at the Trump rally at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park Saturday, Oct. 10, in Temecula. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo
Over 1,000 people showed up at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park in Temecula for a Trump rally Saturday, Oct. 10.Trucks lined the streets waiting to drive into the sports park, all sporting large Trump signs they had attached to the back and front of their vehicles. The rally was put on by Menifee and Wildomar locals Nathan Lutu and Aaron Genty.“For me, I was tired of seeing all the BLM and all the rioting and looting going on and people thinking that side of America was starting to rise up and show their colors, so we decided to show our colors,” Genty said.They created a Facebook page for the rally that went viral.“After a while, share after share…it was over 1,100 people that were either interested or going,” Genty said.Lutu said that he felt they needed a Trum
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