Volunteers repaint Little Red Schoolhouse

Philip Canaday, left, Edison Gomez-Krauss, Thaddeus Morton and Charles Cadwell volunteer at the Anza Civic Improvement League’s painting party at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Minor Park. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Volunteers and Anza Civic Improvement League board members teamed together to begin the repainting project at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Minor Park Saturday, Oct. 17.The old wooden building was prepped for a new coat of bright red paint as workers hammered popped nails, reinforced loose boards and trim, taped up windows and draped drop clothes upon cement and foliage. Expert painter Charles Cadwell attacked the structure with his professional grade sprayer, covering the old wood in a protective seal of new paint.“A big thank you to everyone who helped prep the schoolhouse at Minor Park today so ACIL president Charles Cadwell could spray her with a new red look, like a new dress on a beautiful lady,” ACIL vice president Philip Canaday said.[gallery td_select_gallery_slide
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