What to do in the emergency room after an accident

Andrew Zucker
Andrew Zucker, Attorney at Law, The Zucker Law Firm
Andrew ZuckerZucker Law FirmImagine the worst of the worst: an emergency room visit. The ER has many implications, all of them “unfun,” but unfortunately that’s why I felt the need to discuss it. At The Zucker Law Firm, we prepare you for and help you through the worst. Let’s imagine a situation where you or a loved one has been in a car accident. Maybe it was serious enough to warrant an immediate emergency room visit. Maybe you’re going after the incident, to “cover your bases.” I’d like to note this move is a smart one and is vital to proving injuries were caused by the accident. Either way, it’s not a fun experience. ERs are hectic, uncomfortable and a time-consuming proposition. What can you do to pass the time while waiting?Don’t give up and leave.
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