Children beware: 82% of parents admit they ‘steal’ Halloween candy from their children’s haul

BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. – While 2020 has been a scary year, October’s spooky season is in full effect. According to Rebecca Gramuglia, a consumer expert at, 64% of Americans still plan to celebrate Halloween this year with 62% celebrating from home.The survey “Trick-or-Treat... Steal My Treats?” polled a cross section of 1,637 adults, aged 18 and over.Do you steal candy from your child’s Halloween haul?Parents answered yes (82%) or no (18%).On average how much of your child’s candy haul do you keep for yourself?Parents answered 10% (57%), 25% (29%), 50% (8%), 75% (5%) and 100% (1%).Favorite Halloween candy? Here are the top four responses: Reese’s at 44%, Kit Kats at 20%, Milky Way at 9% and Three Musketeers at 6%.Lamest Halloween treat
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